For hundreds of years, trains and railroads have played an incredibly important role in transporting vital resources and supplies across the country. The modern trains of today, though, are quite different from their 1800s predecessors, with an increased focus on safety, reliability and ease of use for the men and women who operate them.

At Hansen International, we are proud to partner with train manufacturers to provide them with high-quality components and assemblies that will enable them to produce train engines and train cars that can live up to the demands of the modern railroad industry.

Products We Offer for Use in the Railroad Industry

There’s a lot more to modern trains than first meets the eye, and these powerful vehicles must be equipped with a number of high-quality components, assemblies and accessories in order for them to perform at the highest level. Products that we offer for the manufacturing of train engines and cars include grab handles that make it easier to enter or exit the train, latching and lock assemblies to secure the expensive cargo the train is carrying, sun visors and roller blinds to help the train’s engineer safely drive the train, interior components, including rubber extensions and mouldings and many more.

Building a rugged and reliable train requires you to use rugged and reliable products, and at Hansen International, all of the high-quality components and assemblies that we produce for use in the railroad industry are built to last and function flawlessly.

If you want to equip the trains you manufacture with the best components and assemblies in the market today, you can count on the superior quality of the products many we offer at Hansen International, of which are patented or trademarked.