Specialty Vehicles

Specialty vehicles come in all shapes and sizes, and each one has its own unique manufacturing requirements. Whether you are producing police command units, blood mobiles or street sweepers or anything in-between, it’s important to equip your vehicles with high-quality components and assemblies.

At Hansen International, we offer a wide range of products that are able to help the manufacturers of specialty vehicles custom design and produce a vehicle that will go above and beyond the needs of their customers.

Products We Offer for Use in the Manufacturing of Specialty Vehicles

Given the high degree of variance between specialty vehicles, the components and assemblies that you will need to manufacture your vehicle vary wildly as well. That’s why we at Hansen International offer a large selection of components, assemblies, and engineered vehicle systems for the manufacturers of specialty vehicles to choose from as they go about designing their vehicle. These products include grab handles, door and compartment latching devices, drawer compartments and slides, window regulators, and many more.

In addition to a wide selection of products, you can also look forward to Hansen International’s unparalleled quality and commitment to reliability. Specialty vehicles must be able to survive the harshest scenarios and conditions and therefore must be equipped with components and assemblies that are built to last. At Hansen International, all of the products we offer for use in the manufacturing of specialty vehicles are built using strong materials and manufacturing processes to ensure their durability.

No matter what type of vehicle you are building, we look forward to providing you with the high-quality components and assemblies you need to make your specialty vehicle complete.