U.S. Postal Service

Since 1971, the United States Postal Service has helped deliver mail and packages all over the country. In order for the hard-working men and women of the US Postal Service to perform their jobs, though, they need to be able to rely on high-quality vehicles that are up to the task of carrying them along their route every single day.

At Hansen International, we are proud to partner with the manufacturers of vehicles used by the US Postal Service to provide them with components and vehicle assemblies that are every bit as reliable as the mail carriers who use them.

Products We Offer for Use in the Manufacturing of US Postal Service Vehicles

Mail carriers who are assigned driving routes will spend the majority of their working day inside their vehicle. With this being the case, vehicles manufactured for use by the US Postal Service need to be equipped with components and assemblies that make them safer, more convenient, and more enjoyable to drive. At Hansen International, we offer a wide range of high-quality vehicle components and assemblies such as window regulators, sun visors, door latching and handle kits, grab rails, and many more — all of which can help manufacturers create an ideal US Postal Service vehicle.

Of course, the US Postal Service puts plenty of miles on their vehicles, and any component that is used in the manufacturing of a US Postal Service vehicle must be built to last. That’s why all of the products at Hansen International are made with the utmost focus on durability and are designed to last.

If you want to produce a vehicle that will stand up to the demands of the United States Postal Service, equipping it with components and assemblies from Hansen International is the perfect solution.