Metal Stampings

Since the 1880s, metal stamping has remained the most effective method for turning cold sheet metal into a finished product. When you need to produce either large or small batches of metal parts, components, or products, metal stamping is likely to be the best option that you have available. 

Metal stamping works by pressing various tool and die surfaces into sheet metal, bending it into the shape of the final product. Varying tools and dies can be used to produce a wide range of results in the metal, such as punching, embossing, blanking, bending, coining, flanging, and more. The process of stamping can also be used to shape other, nonmetal materials such as polystyrene. 

If you need to produce a batch of stamped metal parts or products, you can count on the metal stamping services that we offer at Hansen International. Combining cutting-edge metal stamping equipment with expert metal stamping technicians, we are able to effectively produce both large and small quantities of any stamped metal product. Whether you need a handful of replacement parts or an entire batch of new products, we at Hansen International are ready to help.