When It’s Dark and Seconds Matter, Your Customers Can Count on Safetylite® Compartment Lighting by Hansen International

compartment lighting

How’s your vehicle or equipment compartment lighting?

If you need to think about it, it’s time to consider an upgrade to Safetylite® Compartment Lighting by Hansen International.

Compartment lighting should never be an afterthought when it comes to your vehicle or equipment configuration – it’s a critical component. If you work after dark, or even in shadows or low light, your interior lighting matters. Hansen International knows that when seconds matter, you can count on their Safetylite® Compartment Lighting.

Why Interior Lighting Matters

Interior lighting is essential in work trucks, emergency response and military vehicles, RVs, construction equipment, and other types of vehicles. They’re necessary above workbenches, in the cabin, under shelves, in drawers, inside cabinets, and in any place used as a workspace. If you can’t see, you can’t find the right parts and tools, and you can’t be productive on the job. Additionally, it’s not safe to work in subpar lighting, especially after dark and when every second matters.

The Importance of Flexible Configuration

Modern trucks need flexibility with interior lighting. Old trucks had permanent light fixtures lacking in brightness and location, and this usually led to shadows that made it even harder to work. With Safetylite® Compartment Lighting from Hansen International, you can put lights wherever you need them. LED light bars are available in a multitude of colors and provide the bright, high-quality lighting you need to see everything in your workspace, even after the sun goes down.

Improved working conditions are what your customers expect, and the right lighting can make all the difference. Bright compartments are essential to efficient, productive vehicles and equipment, and we have everything you need to create the best working conditions for any situation. Contact Hansen International to find out more about Safetylite® Compartment Lighting.